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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sigh...poor quality pictures!

I know there HAS to be a way to edit pictures in this new program but I'm darned if I can find the magic buttons to'm sorry about the colour on these.... Above are the new atc's I received in our swap today...the top two are by Irene and the bottom two are by Sue. The 'thing' on the right is what mine were made from. Hopefully if you embiggen the picture it will show better???). Anyhoo...our theme was 'weaving'. Irene painted fabric and cut strips to weave her atc and Sue used curling ribbon to make the Christmas ornament on the left. My weaving was done using a piece of plastic onion bag mesh woven with two colours of wool which I then felted in the washing machine. Unfortanately it felted too well and I only had this little bit left to make an atc for me!! Not to worry though, because it was the technique I wanted to try. Irene is doing the workshop on the web being run by Maggie Grey and the atc on the upper left is one of the techniques from that. I WISH the picture was clearer because the colouring and texture are marvelous!!

Fun friends...and altogether too much chocolate. Perfect day!!


  1. great trades! Those two from susan are wonderful ideas for Christmas postcards.... :-)

  2. I love them all MA I wish I could help with the problem-but I'm not much use at all.

  3. The pictures are clear and the colours wonderful. What program are you using? I'll help if i can :}


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