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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I give up (at least for today)

Dear Readers:

I have a picture to show - I know I have a picture to show. I could see it. I even figured out (more or less) how to edit it. I figured out how to save it. BUT NOW I CAN'T FIND THE CURSED THING so I can load it on here!!!!!!!!!

I want my old program back.....waaahhhhh!!!!

Hopelessly confused (and MAD at computers)


  1. I'm the same with my new laptop.
    Our main computer has Windows XP and the new laptop has Windows Vista.
    I have finally figured out how to upload photos on the Laptop--well once anyway but I'm not sure if I will remember for next time.

  2. My sister has just started to blog and she's having the same problem, except she seems to think the blog is overloaded with traffic. I said noffink! double tee hee!

  3. been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, when they wouldn't take it as a return I "recylced it :-)


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