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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mumblings (again?)

Today was one of 'THOSE' days where nothing got done other than a lot of running about. So.....

1. Doreen of has posted pictures of her embroidered bears and they are sooooo cute! You need to go & have a look.

2. Sharon Boggon has given us the heads up that she will be changing over her blog to another address ( ) and will let us know when the switch is complete. I'll let you know as soon as I hear.

3. I noted an announcement about the winter issue being 'up' on Because I didn't know what Twist Collective was about, I had a quick look and it's about knitting. Looks like there's some patterns there too. You might want to have a look.

4. Allison Aller is again doing something absolutely phenomenal and is showing pictures of her process on her blog. She is amazing!

There, I guess that's enough mumbling for today! Hope to have some work to show tomorrow.


  1. Love your fur bears -and DoreenG's embroidered bears are really cute. What clever girls you are!!

  2. I wanted to say thanks for spreading the word about my blog move and the move is complete now


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