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Monday, November 10, 2008

Hack, cough...aaaa choooo....pffft

Yep, I'm working with fur again and it's all over everything. I am determined I'm finishing these bears this week. One is awaiting her bow and is too shy to to have her picture taken without it. This one is lambs wool, which isn't a whole lot of fun to work with either. For some reason unknown my pointer finger (luckily it isn't my 'rude' one!) has decided to undergo another peel and is quite tender. I suppose I shouldn't even be attempting to sew, but I have too much to do and the finger will have to take the punishment. Of course there's a teeny amount of ouching and gosh darns going around too when I happen to forget and try to use it to push the needle through something!!


  1. Ouch! I hate it when that happens. Have you tried reinforcing your finger tip with a nail varnish coating ?

  2. that lambs wool might not be great fun to work with, but it looks scrumptious... imagine the bears must be just stunning from it. :-)

  3. You sure are a glutton for punishment aren't you.

  4. Thought maybe you'd caught my cold! Hacking up hairballs can't be that much fun :}

  5. gee - you would want to be holding up your rude finger and saying gosh darn and other things would you? i hope your finger is better soon - i hate that. looking forward to seeing the bears


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