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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A hug...of bears

I finished the bears today and they are already in their new home. These little guys are 15" tall and come from a pattern by Hemer House Designs - pattern name is 'Tiffany'. I like the lambs wool one the best...there's just something about her personality.

Now for a bit of you know what a group of teddy bears is called? The title of this post will tell you!


  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    As my 11 yr old grandson says "Sweet" as in Excellent! I particularly like the soles of the feet on the brown bear.

  2. the lace collars under the ribbons add just a beautiful touch of old fashioned charm :-) They really are cute...

  3. AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!! They're so cuddly looking! Beautifully done!

  4. They are beautiful MA I have never made a fur bear but I have made wool embroidered bears before.

  5. I love T-bears, as I call them, and this pair you made are about the cutest ones I've ever seen! I have several old mink stoles (from deceased relatives) that I want to make bears out of. Have patterns - am just afraid to do the cotter pins. Are joints easy to learn? Did you have a teacher or did you just jump in? Congrats on creating such lovely creatures! Hugs, Cathy

  6. Anonymous2:35 PM

    these are lovely MA - Moo is sitting here with me and she looooves them both too.

  7. MM your bears turned out just beautifully... I love them both... Nice job!


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