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Friday, November 07, 2008

Knitting content? On THIS blog???

Wow, even I'm impressed because knitting isn't something I often get to mention on here. Today was grocery shopping day (yuck) so nothing got done in the studio. However, the mailbox had this book in it when I got home. There are some really nice patterns in it and I must admit there are three I especially like...the cover picture is 'Komon' and is one of the three. The patterns all look very simple to make because they are mainly constructed with squares and rectangles of knitting. The second pattern I'm in like with is called 'Dogi' and is shown below. This is a very practical vest and I love that it's knitted side to side. This colourway isn't 'moi', but I sure would like to make it in denim-y tones.
This is the pattern that made me buy the book, but it's the one I will be least likely to make (somehow I envision this one being a lifeswork for my speed of knitting). The pattern is called 'Water & Sky'. I love it though!

Specs on the book: 'Knit Kimono' by Vicki Square, published by Interweave Press, ISBN# 13:978-1-931499-89-7
Further on the knit theme, here are a couple of sites I have stumbled upon that you might find interesting: where you can find all sorts of links to free knitting patterns is a Canadian site for knitting supplies, yarns, etc.


  1. water and sky is wondrful! I too would never get it done, but it sure is eye candy

  2. OH that third one is BEAUTIFUL!!! How about in indigo dyed variegated yarns? GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Any of these would be absolutely wonderful knitted in Koigu wool. If you're not familiar you can find them at
    Mother and daughter grow the sheep spin and dye the yarn into amazing colour combinations. Delicious!

  4. This post makes me want to get back into knitting. But I have to finish the 2 year old half finished socks first.


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