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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mumblings (and dolls)

Paula and Doreen have both published very interesting comments concerning the current abundance of memes and awards floating around the blog world and their feelings on the subject. Being that I have nothing of interest to post today, I thought I'd put my two cents worth into the discussion....

First, I have never been tagged for a meme or given a blog award - which I am most happy about. I have lived in trepidation that it would ever happen because I really didn't know what I would do about it. I have never been a chain letter participant and, truthfully, I feel memes are much the same. I am also troubled by the numbers of forwarded items I receive in emails which, although quite often interesting and beautiful, are a thinly veiled threat to 'pass them on, or else'. Having said that, there are a few that I feel are worth sharing and I will do so, but with the provision that the recipient not feel obliged to send it on OR to return it to me, thusly cluttering up my inbox even more. (What's with that anyway? Why would I want to have something returned to me that I've already read??).

I understand that it would be flattering to be given an award, but I tend to wonder exactly how much meaning there is in it. Are people passing them around just to keep up with the Joneses and because they feel they should? Do they truly, in their hearts, believe the person they're 'awarding' actually deserves said award? To me, if someone likes what I've done or said, a comment on my blog means far more. It's far more personal.

There endeth my rant.


Now, on another subject - I found this site last night and am blown away by the dolls. Go take a look at:


  1. It's amazing MA just how many people don't like Awards but suffer them in case they may offend the person who has sent them.
    I don't know who starts them but in my opinion they should get a life.

  2. Anonymous3:55 PM

    well I agree (of course!). Im glad i out it out there now, because there seems a lot of people who thought it but didnt say. i agree with you about comments - way better than awards anyday.

  3. I agree with you about the "chain" emails, though I must say I feel a meany when I don't pass on the ones supposed to be fundraising for cancer research etc. But then, I donate directly to the charities I support, I don't believe the emails that say so and so will donate each time the email is passed around!!

    Now I think you DO deserve an Award for reminding me about this fantastic doll site, I'd seen it before but forgot to bookmark it, VBG. I'd LOVE one of those, but did you see the price of the Alice doll in the gallery, $8900 dollars !!!

    Oh well, a girl can dream, it's just that I appreciate the work in the costumes so much.


  4. I know what you mean about forwarded emails and awards. I feel the same way.

  5. I think in the four and a bit years of my blogging , that i've probably posted every random or wierd thing there is to know about me! And the sidebar soon gets really clunky with awards and badges, so i thank politely the sender, and fuhgeddabout it :}
    I too appreciate comments and linkbacks MUCH more than ANY award.

  6. Anonymous11:58 PM

    I thought the first award I saw meant I was reading one of the best blogs, then I luckily found another, and another......then I read the 'rules' a couldn't believe so many people were so impressed by getting aan electronic chain letter.
    And as for those emails, if the content is funny or well written, I delete the end bit and send it on. The rest get trashed!


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