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Friday, August 01, 2008


Here's prototype # 2 of the knitting needle roll, which still isn't what I want. I know, I'm too fussy!! The way you see it in this picture is great for holding the long single-point needles, but not so good for the shorter double-points. Can you see the flap on the left side? It's the area that the shorter needles are *supposed* to fit into. Key word here is *supposed* because they don't. The pocket is about 2" too short. Back to the drawing board on this one!! This picture shows the short-needle pocket lifted up and that the area for the longer needles is perfect. I'm also not happy with the means of tying it up, so that will change with prototype 3 too. This pattern is Butterick B5006 as written.
Ok, ok...I know you're all simply on pins & needles about what I'm planning for post #600. Who would have ever thought that I would find enough to mumble about to fill 600 posts. Who would have ever thought that I would even get one reader, other than my kids? I have readers, people!! Woo hoo!! And they're great readers too because they comment and they show interest and have ideas and they just generally support me in my creative journey. Thank you, a thousand times - all of you.
Now, on to the contest!! I told you that you would have to work for this giveaway and so you shall - or your name won't go in the draw (so there). All you have to do is leave a comment with the following information included - your three top favourite blogs (this one is NOT to be included, because it goes without saying that it's your favourite..right? Right? Awww c'mon).
I digress - leave a comment on any of my posts 600 thru 605 and tell us your THREE favourite blogs and why. Make sure to include the blog addy so we can check them out!! Your name will then be entered into the draw to win....tah dah....tah tum.....tah diddly......

Contents are being worked on as we speak. There might just be some of my art in there. There might be some components to work with. There might be....well, you'll just have to wait & see!!!

Comment on folks, and don't be shy!


  1. Keep on working on the needles holder girl you'll get there in the end.
    Congrats on the 600th--I would love to say I have read them all but you would know I was lying but I am so glad that I found your blog and that you and I have become good friends(??)now for the important part---
    1.Paula Hewitt.
    she writes the most amazing blog -funny,informative,creative stuff.
    2.Sharon Boggan.
    Because she got me started back on to embroidery with her challenges and I read her blog daily.
    3.Dot Christian.
    Dot is the creator of the Dotee dolls--her blog is never dull she creates the most amazing dolls and it is all done by hand(she doesn't own a sewing machine) ansd she is the most caring generous person I have ever met.
    There that's it ----pick me--pick me

  2. I wont list three blogs 'cause I really don't want any more stuff (the cupboard is too full, and I'm planning how to move stuff out myself!) but I do want to offer my congrats...

  3. congrats on 600th!! As for blogs.. I'm thinking, I'm thinking....

  4. YAY MA ...600!

    Congrats to's so fun to visit with you daily...between our rare personal visits!

    I think I got enough treasure from you last will let others share the joy! Hugs!

  5. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Congratulations!! I would love to win this....(if you'll post to Australia.)my picks....this is tricky (apart from you and Doreen of course):
    Jude at
    Arlee at
    Jackie at

    600 posts is big! Ive been enjoying your blog for a while now. ps good luck with nitting needle roll.

  6. Anonymous6:27 PM

    you know i meant Knitting with a K didnt you. doh.

  7. Hi I'm a rather "new" visitor to your blog, and jump right into your challenge. 3 of my favourites are: Annica has a very interesting blog, and some great photos from Sweden Ati makes the most beautiful crazy quilt blocks (and other things!) Siri's blog is called butterflies and fractals...A very personal blog.

  8. Hi and congrats...600 post is a mile stone. 3 of my favorite blogs are
    1. Taniwa - very lively and interesting day to day stuff.

    2. Annies Crazy World - lots of creative stitching.

    3. Julia - lots of neat quilting stuff.

  9. Love your rusting...I have lots of favorite blogs.. so many that I don't take the time to write in my..I keeping thinking I need too..but then I get caught with everyone else's.. but here are three:
    Beate's Fabric Art
    She's from Germany and does some great work
    Baumcat...she does somewonderful handstiching
    and Bimbimbie..from Australia.. we have traded fabric art birds..but her blog is more about her backyard and the wonderful birds she sees.
    There you have it ..a different mix of blogs..


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