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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And....the winner is..........

But first, how be we admire some flowers? I know you're all anxious to do that...right? Right? OK, I thought so. This is one of the many sunflowers we have starting to bloom in our garden. Of course we have the regular deep yellow ones, but thought you might like to see something a little different. Isn't it pretty? OK...on to the winner...... I know you're wanting to see some more sunflowers, so here you go. This one is my favourite in colour because it reminds me of the rusting I've been doing with fabrics. The winner?
Isn't this one a delicate colour? So pretty, and so are the goldfinches and chickadees that love their seeds in the fall.

Ok, Ok, I can hear you all yelling at me so I guess I'd better divulge who won. But then again, maybe I should make you wait til tomorrow.....hmmmmm......
Oh alright ..... drum roll ..... the winner is ......CHRISTINE of MissMuffetTwo!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats Christine and to claim your goodies, just email me at marmic1954 AT hotmail DOT com with your snail mail addy and I'll ship it off to you in the next couple of days. Hope you like it!
Now...we return to our regularly scheduled programming....
My mother had an expression that said 'I should have stood in bed' which she used to describe a day where she got absolutely nothing done that she planned and when everything that could go wrong, did. Today I should have stood in bed. My day began FAR too early having to be up to wait for the cable tv guy to come "sometime between 8 and noon". This is the second coming of this guy. He didn't show up the first time, so we weren't holding out much hope. Well, he came and brought an overwhelming amount of personality (NOT!). He hooked up the box, grunted, and left. what? After a great amount of fiddling, phoning, and cursing we finally (we hope) got it working. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the phone has been ringing off the wall all day (including a message left by some guy wanting the Worker's Compensation Board, which I only found out AFTER I returned his call...long distance). Don't you think he would have clued in when he got the answering machine and it DIDN't say anything about it being the WCB??
And add insult to dad managed to set off his medical alarm, which meant the box for that was wailing away (LOUDLY) and we're panicking thinking he's in trouble. Jack runs for the backyard where dad was last seen and I, of course, had to stay by the phone for when the alarm co. called. Dad was fine, alarm co. didn't call BECAUSE they had a computer snafu and couldn't find our number. They were in the process of calling the ambulance when I called to tell them it was a false alarm.
oh yeah...and now blogger won't let me make paragraphs in this post...


  1. glad your dad was OK, the cable guy showed and you now have it hooked up, and you were able to post (even without paragraphs) -- somedays it feels like we should stay in bed, but when we look at the day sideways we can see there are blessings there... :-)

  2. Wow, I can't believe you picked me out. I liked the way you drew us all in with your announcement, very sneaky! I've emailed my addy as requested. It's come at a great time too, I'm suffering today with a really bad flare up of arthritis in the neck, that's what happens when you sit in from of the Olympic coverage stitching and forget to stretch or take breaks, VBG.

    Glad to hear your dad was OK, it can be hard being the "sandwich generation", between grown-up kids and elderly parents?

    Thanks again,

  3. Oh bugger---well at least it is coming to Oz.
    Congrats to Christine and I'm glad your Dad is OK.

  4. I'll never look at Sunflowers in the same way again! Doreen G has a way of making a pithy comment, so all I'll say is too!!

  5. Anonymous2:15 AM

    yeah what Doreen said, but with swaer words. pretty flowers - you are such a smart alec. hope tomorrow is better for you.

  6. What amazing sunflowers. It makes my piddling little nasturtiums look....well..piddling.

  7. I too am glad you dad is OK. I remember worrying when my mum did not answer the phone, and I had to grad the kids to drive to her place, to find out she was watching TV, heard the phone, guessed it was me, but did not bother to answer...
    Your sunflowers are beautiful! i've tried to grow some fancy ones too, but they never do as well as those coming from the sun flower seed of bird food...

    Thanks for commenting on my TIF. Comment on sketching are very inspiring, as I'm new to that.


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