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Thursday, August 07, 2008

#603 - Rusting (again) and TIF for August

This is a pic of the experiment I did with rust and using blue fabric as the background. I'm not so happy with it. The fabric didn't seem to absorb the rust as much. I was hoping for a lot of rust and only a little bit of the blue. I had some time today to piece my block using the colours from SharonB's August challenge ( ). When I first started looking through my stash I was afraid I wouldn't come up with the colours, but I think I did pretty well. I'm not a lover of brown, so it was difficult for me to use that colour. However, once I get this embellished I think I will really like it.
603rd post! Two more left for you to enter the giveaway. I started packing the box today and there are already lots of goodies in there for the winner. There's room for lots more too!! Be sure to leave your comment on posts 600 thru 605 with your 3 favourite blogs and why to be entered to win.
For those that have already entered, be sure to check the comments and visit all the wonderful blogs!!


  1. You did well picking the colors Sharon chose for the August Challenge.
    It's hard to chose just three but here it goes.
    Beautiful cq work
    Lovely knitting projects
    Love her humor and tatting projects

  2. brown's not my favorite colour either... I've found it helps me to use it if I think of it as a dark/dirty yellow/orange :-) but its still not "popular"

  3. Anonymous8:46 PM

    The blogs I like to read on a daily basis are:
    I love the poetry of this blog and the gals who writes it does amazing paintings for children's books, Jackie Morris
    Just funny and writes as I wish I could.
    delightful account of a rural life in Oklahoma which is where I grew up.

    and of course Magpie

    There are so many more that I read almost daily. You notice not one of these three has to do with sewing or collaging (word) or creating with your hands. Isn't that peculiar when that is what I like to do most!

    sus in spokane

  4. ujruyfavourite blogs. Yours, of course and Arlee
    because she makes me laugh and makes me think or rethink what I'm about - would love to meet her in all her madness.
    Shared her interest in the Studio Journal course with Sharon B and really like what she does
    She's a riot - got me interested in knitting and writes a really really great blog of her daily doings living life as a knitter/writer/mother/wife and on and on
    Picked up on this one via Studio Journal course. She gives really great detailed instructions on her work and does the type of work which is really right up my street... that's all for now folks. Hope I got the addys right.

  5. Your block looks great---I didn't see brown on my computer I saw maroon.

  6. Just redo the rusting and leave it for a long while :} Brown can be chocolate after all!!!

  7. Love your block for TIF... mine is looking very similar to yours after the piecing stage. I'll be loving to drop in and see how yours develops with your embellishing.


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