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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August TIF Done!

Actually, my TIF challenge piece for August was done and ready to show yesterday, but in all the excitement over our buzzy visitors I forgot to post it. As always, you can click on it to enlarge it to see the details. As for our 'visitors' (for anyone who didn't see my update yesterday), they all flew away about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. En masse and headed east. Jack heard them leave - it's pretty incredible how much noise that many bees make!! You might want to read Cindi's comment from yesterday because she has a great explanation of what we saw. We do think they were honey bees and it's too bad the beekeeper I called didn't get back to us. I would have loved to see how he would capture them.

For those that were concerned, no, we wouldn't have hurt them. On the other hand, if they had been wasps, the fight would have been on.


  1. I think your two "problem/concern" areas worked really well -- the gold beads really sparkle on the plaid

  2. I think you've done very well with a very "difficult" palette. Your piece looks very 1890's Victorian drrawing room to me, VBG. At least you HAVE a finished piece, I'm dragging the chain as usual. My school reports always noted "Christine should do better if she applied herself more" so really nothing's changed, LOL.


  3. The block turned out well MA and the bee problem as well.

  4. Anonymous2:29 AM

    Im glad you survived the invasion of the killer bees (good of the bee keepers to be on the ball - nothing like a quick reponse time - a bit like trying to get a plumber when the basement is flooding)
    And as for the block - it is lovely, as usual, but I am now viewing with renewed interest -I am actually looking at yours (and others) CQ to see how youve constructed it, and how you've made colour and other choices - it is actually a very interesting and versatile technique. I like the way you've spread the colour across the block, and i like the balance between the seams and the embroiderery on the patches.

  5. Eeewhhhh... that scene of the bees would have really freaked me out.. we unfortunately, have paper wasps in a huge ball nest occupying a spot under our travel trailer cover. Still debating what to do..
    I think your block came out great.. very difficult color scheme and you pulled it off well with your balance.

  6. Love your work Maryanne and what gorgeous colours you have put together. I Knew you were talented but this is second to none.
    Linda B.


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