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Friday, August 22, 2008

No pictures, but progress

I had most of the day to stitch and it was wonderful! I have nearly finished my TIF block, but will leave posting a picture until it is actually done, which hopefully will be tomorrow. I did end up changing the upper plaid-ish section by adding some gold beads to the blue french knot flowers and I traded out the blue flower bead in favour of a gold one. I left the other questionable section as it was. The jury is still out about whether I will add a moustache to the lady as Arlee suggested. Thanks for all your input!

So...because I have no pictures to show...I will give you some links I've discovered in my travels. (beading, art quilts and embroidery) (this one is for those of us who are totally wanting to go 'green' - found via Craft Magazine) (this one has all sorts of information about cosmetics including what is worth your money)

and, last but certainly not least...there's another Magpie AND she has a lot in common with me!! Check out and be sure you see her wonderful doll in the header! Thanks to Marie for this one.

There, that ought to keep you busy for a little while. Enjoy!

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