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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

#601 - Rusty fabrics

I apologize for the no-post yesterday. For some reason the day got away on me and I just didn't get a chance to post.

Here's a picture of the fabrics that came out of my rust dye pail that I showed a few days ago. Aren't they pretty? I have another batch cooking away as we speak, plus I had some overripe raspberries (also FULL of yucky little black bugs!!) that I have festering away in another pail. I'm curious to see what I get out of it.
You'll note this is post #601. Don't forget to leave me a comment on any of posts #600 - #605 including the addy for three of your favourite blogs. Tell us why you like them too! Your name will go in a draw for a box of goodies courtesy of me and my overflowing stash!! I kind of think there might be a couple of pieces of my art in there too! Go ahead - don't be shy....


  1. I want to see the outcome of the spent berry swill too... very curious... the rusted fabric came out great. Have you shown the unwrapped spring yet or did I miss it somewhere?

  2. hello - i forgot to say why i like the blogs I picked, so Ill try again:
    Jude at - Jude does great meaningful quilts - never fails to inspire me.
    Arlee at - well you know why Arlee is so great, dont you?
    Jackie at
    Jackie does great embroidery, and is an amusing engaging writer

    and i was sort of thinking perhaps you were after people you didnt necessarily know and have in your sidebar, so if Arlee doesnt count (if you know what I mean) I'd also include threadspider
    Judith does a wide range of interesting emboidery and quilting stuff, and she is a great gardener too.

    You can include me in the draw know Ive done my homework properly. great rusty fabric, looking forward to seeing fabric dyed with raspberry and buggy corpses (getting inspiration from Arlee?)

  3. your fabric looks beeuutifool. I am interested to see if the berries turn out as I'd expect.

    Fav blogs for me
    Mary is so giving with her knowledge and time with video's & tutorials
    Allie is just out and out innovative and inspirational.
    and I am gonna say Sharon B
    Sharon encompass all aspects of design and textile/fibre art, and knows how to bring a community together, not an easy feat in this cyber age.


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