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Thursday, August 21, 2008

No way, Jose'

I would never in a thousand million trillion (lots & lots) years EVER get into one of these things, but I can certainly appreciate their beauty from good old solid terra firma. This was taken just a few minutes ago from our back door. I actually made some headway on my TIF piece today. For some reason this piece is being very hard to get along with, at least for me. I'm not a huge fan of brown so that might be some of the problem but I don't think that's totally it. You see the plaid-ish looking part at the mid-top? Methinks I will be ripping what I've done there out because it's just fading away into the busyness of the fabric. The rusty area on the left isn't making me have heart palpitations either. I think the embroidery is too airy-fairy and should be more stand-up-and-be-counted. What do you think? Please click on the picture to enlarge and give me your suggestions. Any and all will be taken into consideration. Thanks a bunch!


  1. I would not change a thing.... It won't be all "stand up and be counted" and what you have here so far is very beaautiful. I would just leave it and go forth.

  2. your right in my opinion -- neither area you mention really shines and shows forth -- HOWEVER, does every area need to? says who? once the blocks are all assembled I imagine these would be more "surprise" areas for those that look - something to discover... Like Maggie r I like them...

  3. My honest opinion MA for what it's worth is that the two sections that you mentioned just don't have any wow factor but it wouldn't take much to fix them maybe a gold button in the centre of the blue flower in the top one--just a suggestion.

  4. LOve the colour combo---dress up the two boring bits and moustache the lady :}

  5. Perhaps try a complimentary coloured thread. Red? (and glasses to go with the moustache!)

  6. Anonymous10:15 AM

    When in doubt..BLING the devil out of it!!! You know my motto..Tart it up!!lol I can see gold and sparkly things everywhere!!....or not.
    Mrs Noofy


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