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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yellow and mail orders

The yellow part of this post is pretty self-explanatory! I did a little bit on my TIF piece today, but not enough to bother showing you. I'm hoping for better things tomorrow.
I don't know if I posted about these two mail order sites before and, if I have, my apologies. Both of these places are Canadian, which is a bonus and they are very good to deal with - at least in my experience. Both have extensive web sites, but also produce paper catalogues. First is 'Stockade' ( ) . There's not too much this company doesn't carry and they keep adding new products all the time. It's well worth checking out their site to see what they have. Second is 'A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd.' ( Again, a great resource for all sorts of things pertaining to sewing and such. I get my silk ribbon from them.

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arlee said...

I can attest to A Great Notion--they offer fast service and answer emails promptly. Got my hand needlefelter from them.
Will check out the other--thanks for the link! I'd like to keep my business "in country" if possible, but sometimes it's difficult!! Now if i could just find a Canadian supplier for the Impress machine.....
Sunny yard!!!!