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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's a fight to the death..and fire alarms?

These two pictures are of our vegetable garden where we are fighting a losing battle with earwigs who are determined to eat the produce before we can get a chance at it. Miserable little creatures! Not only that, they look scary too. They remind me of scorpions (which we don't have here). We feel as though we're under seige.

As for the fire alarm. Well. Umm. One shouldn't try using the heat gun in the basement...maybe? At least we know the smoke detectors work. All that excitement only to find out that what I thought was tyvek...isn't. Argh. oh yeah...and don't yell at me about poisonous fumes 'cause I know all that. It was just a LITTLE piece of 'not'-tyvek.


  1. You have my sympathy with those earwigs. When we lived in Toronto we had so many of them especially the summers when it was humid and wet. I had dahlias in the front of the house and I would move the flowers and the earwigs would fall out. I tried everything to get rid of them but never did. Here in Edmonto it dry so we don't have any. I do miss Ontario though...not Toronto but the rest of the province.
    Happy sewing and fighting the earwigs.
    Donna W

  2. Wow what a garden well worth fighting for.

  3. earwigs are yukky, but better in the outdoor garden then the basement! :-)

  4. Anonymous2:30 AM

    great veggie garden. i didnt laugh *at all* when I read about you setting of the smoke alarm with your not-tyvek.

  5. No earwigs here in Calgary either---or slugs--YAY!!!!! Gues that's supposed to be my compensation for a shorter growing season......
    As to smoke, YEE HAW--more fun in the backyard though to scare the neighbours--or maybe (gasp) the earwigs???? :}

  6. Ugh! the dark side of gardening! Nevertheless your garden looks pretty good to me.


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