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Monday, July 28, 2008

#596 - Gettin' Goosed (and Knitting Bags)

This is what we picked from one gooseberry bush yesterday! There's enough here for at least eight pies. I have the scratches to prove I've been wrestling with the plant too - those things have HUGE thorns and it's almost worth your life to try to pick them. I think we have another picking to come which will likely produce nearly as many again. The following pictures are of my latest attempt to create 'the perfect knitting bag'. Didn't happen!! This is from Simplicity pattern 4542 and is a royal pain in the postustis to make. Tis is the back......
The side.....

The front......

I ended up with my needle rolls being on inside out, but that didn't bother me as much as the fact that the needleholders are simply not practical. The section for long needles is good, but the shorter ones are not going to stay in the allotted spots. The whole bag is altogether too floppy, despite being made from denim and being fully lined.
I had thought the needle rolls being attached to the outside of the bag would be an asset, but now I have them there, I don't care for it. I would rather have them be separate or perhaps be attached to one of the side pockets.
Needless to say, this will not be a repeated project!!


  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    well it looks good, even if the design doesnt work well.
    Ive never tried gooseberries - pie sounds like a nice way to try them

  2. There's just something about gooseberries. So retro!
    Appreciate your knitting bag rant (excuse me, comments)...I admire the fact that you stuck to it to completion. Good for you!

  3. I haven't had Gooseberries since I was a child (lucky I can still remember that long ago)
    My dad had several bushes and I used to eat them off the bush much to my mum's anger but hey why waste them in a pie when I could eat them fresh.
    To bad about the bag but hey you still have plenty of denim left to make another one :-}}


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