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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

#598 - Bubble, bubble.....

Just look at the murky mess in the bottom of my bucket...isn't it beautiful? No? Well then, it's easy to see that you have no appreciation for the finer points of rust dyeing! Remember the picture of the rusty springs I got from my BIL I posted a few days ago? They're in here, wrapped with fabric along with a bunch of rusty nails and assorted gee-haws I liberated from the workshop in the garage. I can't wait to see what this produces!!

Further on rusty dyeing - there's an article on that very thing in the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine which came today. The artist that wrote the article does hers in a slightly different way (instead of percolating the fabric and the rusty 'bits' together, she simply wets the fabric with vinegar, wraps it around rusty objects and then allows it to dry). I'm going to try her method too and see which I prefer.

The men-folk in my household think I'm somewhat 'teched' in the head!

p.s. what's with all the comments about the fire department yesterday...huh??? WHY would I ever give the impression that I might manage to burn the house down? Hurumph.


  1. 598 eh----couldn't you do a couple of quick posts about nothing and get to 600?

  2. It's stunningly GORGEOUS, that bucket!
    I think the "drier" method allows rust to "settle" as the water drips down and the top parts dry. Worth a shot--i think that's how i got some of the really defined areas when MIL dumped bucket!

    Fire is our friend :}

  3. the rust dyeing I get, the oil like sludge surrounding it, not so much... All most as disgusting as rotting grapefruit dye :-)


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