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Friday, July 04, 2008

Catalpa Tree and ATC's

Because I'm never quite sure in which order Blogger will publish these pictures, I'm going to have to guess at it. Hopefully the first two pictures you see will be of the catalpa tree and a close-up of the blooms. Jack started this tree from a seed and this year it is absolutely beautiful.

I *think* the next picture you see should be of the two atc's I received in the mail recently (both are orange/red tones). The top one is by Corryna and the bottom one is by Emmy...both are thank you's for my work on their Exquisite Corpses. I think I got the better end of the deal.
The remaining pictures are from the atc exchange we have each month in our CQTeers group. The fish, sillhouette hand, and flowers are by me (bottom picture you will see).   The three that have the 'Ah...Fresh Air included are by Sue (our resident expert in paper). The singing bird is by Kym and the remaining two are by Irene who used her embellishing machine for the flowered one and an exeedingly clever use of maple keys to make fishes!! Enjoy!


  1. nice post Mary Anne!

  2. loved the Catalpa trees at Southampton, Port Elgin and Wasaga Beach/Collingwood! When i was little, i thought the seeds were probably magic because they were so big and the flowers so elegant.

  3. Catalpa ... yes that's the one! When we lived in Downsview...there was one street that was literally lined with these...the flowers are so spectacular...and have an almost overpowering fragrance when in full bloom.

    Way cool ATCs!


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