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Friday, July 25, 2008

#595 - HOT (pink) & HOT under the collar

Again, I can't show you yet what I've been working on so here are some more flowers from our garden. I love these perennial sweet peas; this year they are over 6 feet tall and smell wonderful.
I have been wrestling with my sewing machine today and have finally come to the conclusion that I need a new throat plate. My upper thread seems to be shredding and breaking and it's not the tension and it's not the thread and it's not the needle. I've cleaned it thoroughly and while I was doing that I noticed a burl on the plate where the thread & needle go through, so I expect that might be the problem. Argh.
Not only that, I attempted to update a spreadsheet for the Exquisite Corpse group and mucked it up....hence my being hot under the collar!! Even the cat exited my studio upon hearing the *language* being uttered. Can't say as I blame him either.
I wonder if I shouldn't just crawl into a hole for the day!!


  1. Can't your husband file the burr on the throatplate away----when I worked in the sewing machine shop the mechanic did this all the time for people.

  2. Aww! never mind it'll be better tomorrer. The sun will...tra la la la...etc. Love the sweet pea flowers.

  3. hi maryanne you don,t swear ! do you? hahaha love the sweet peas.


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