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Monday, July 07, 2008

TIF progress and flowers?

Today I found some time to work on my July TIF piece and here you can see the progress. The lace seam treatment is a piece of antique lace that was (tah-dah) JUST long enough to cover the seam. The green flowers on the lower right were a re-make after I had fussy-cut a violet from fabric and appliqued it down. When I looked at it afterwards, I decided that the purple in the violet was just too 'off', so I removed the flower and replaced it with the green beaded one. Much better!! This next picture is something that Jack unearthed in our front flower bed. At one time there must have been a tree there because we're all the time finding mushrooms and now this. Intriguing isn't it?
Finally, this is a picture of the buttons we made at CQTeers last month, under the able guidance of Sue. Hopefully enlarging the picture will show the details better. One of these will end up on a CQ square at some point.


  1. great buttons -- they'll make a lovely addition to a CQ block...

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    That fungus almost looks like fabric. You can see the seams in it.

    susan in spokane

  3. Great buttons MA and the fungus looks like something from outer space.


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