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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Christmas in July? You bet!!!

Have a look at what came in the mail today - all the way from Doreen in Australia! You have to click on each of these to enlarge so you can see how beautiful they are. If you remember, Doreen and I arranged to do an exchange where we would each piece a block and send it to the other for them to complete. This is what I received back from Doreen and am absolutely thrilled. She does beautiful work! See the cute little stork scissors? And the rectangle MOP button? And the sweet little spider and his web? These were in the envelope too! I'm pretty sure the flower button is hand-painted and that it's made of porcelain...beautiful. There another of the rectangular MOPs (I've never seen that shape here). The other button (which didn't want to photograph well) is perfect and will be put away with some little playing cards I have for a future project.
And laces too! Just look at the intense colour of the blue flowers (I love blue). The lovely butterfly and the fans and flower baskets.

Thank you so very much Doreen. I love it all!


  1. looks like a great mail day was had!

  2. Lots to show and share coming up I think!

  3. Glad that you like it all MA it was a great pleasure to share with you.
    The big motif with the butterfly can be cut up and it will dye well also.

  4. The laces from Doreen are beautiful! You are a lucky girl.
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. The picture you like is a machine embroidery I made from a picture of droseras. Angelina fibers and variegated threed. I've prepared the same background (I mean the Angelina fibers glued on the black fabric) in order to embroider one by hand, just have to find the time.


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