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Friday, May 23, 2008

Yard sale find

We happened upon a yard sale today and found this. She is an Avon Mrs Albee figurine dating from 1983/84 and this one happens to come from South America. How it got to Canada is anybody's guess but nevertheless she's here and now lives at my house.

I was an Avon rep for a little over eight years and managed to earn one of these figurines for each year. They are made to honour the very first Avon rep (Mrs Albee) and are given out to those reps who 'make' President's Club (meaning you reach a certain target of sales). They are very much like the Royal Doultons, but the glaze on these is more matte. I think they are more valuable because we needed to work so hard in order to earn one.

I really wish I knew how this one came to be here from South America.

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  1. interesting mystery for you to solve. Of course far be it from me to ask what you moved out in order to bring this in!!


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