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Monday, May 05, 2008

Hi-Ho...a shovelling we will go!

'Tis yard sale season. We haven't had a sale for nine years so it's high time and I'm working on shovelling out the house. That 'pile' beneath the table is on its way out and the pile on top is being gone through with a critical eye to getting rid of a bunch more. I won't overwhelm you by showing you a picture of the large pile already earmarked for the sale that's being stored in another room!! Believe me, you don't want to see it.
There's an ulterior motive here too...we're hoping that my dad will be convinced that there's really a lot of junk in the garage that isn't needed. He is no longer able to fix things and all the junk (oh, mustn't call it's all 'good' for something...boat anchors maybe???) isn't serving any purpose. We have a very large garage ( could hold 4 cars) and it's jammed full of his old rusty parts for things. Jack is just champing at the bit to get rid of a lot of it. Did I mention that there's an attic in the garage and it's full too?? AND there's a garden shed too??
Yeah, I think you see the dilemma we're in!!


  1. Good luck with that one MA. I guess its that darned "depression mentality" still going strong!

  2. may the sun shine, and the buyers come.... I've never held a garage sale as I simply can't face the prep work -- easier to call goodwill and just have it picked up and support them. But everyone I know who's had them sure says they're a money maker...

  3. But rusty parts *are* important!!!!!!! You could do a really really really really big piece of fabric with the anchor...:}

  4. And i thought from the title maybe you had more eeeeeuwwww Snow :}


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