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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mumbling (again)

Today was one of those days where I accomplished very little that I can talk about. Not that I can't talk about it - it's just that it would bore you to tears.


Guess What?.....

I Shall Mumble!!!

1. There's no picture today because the only thing I managed to actually do today was put a few rows of knitting on my Einstein sweater. Right now it just looks like a reddish-coloured blob of knitting.

2. The other thing I did was to clean out my china cabinet and the buffet in the dining room. I managed to put a few things aside for the yard sale though, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

3. It's cold. We still have the furnace on and it's simply just too cool to contemplate putting any plants in the garden. The 'orchard' (all of 4 little trees) is in blossom but we're so afraid the frost will kill them off. I suppose that once we do get some warmth it will hit with a vengeance.

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  1. I know just how you feel. You do seem to be progressing on your decluttering though......... mumbling all the way........Have you seen the size of the skeeters this year - have to fight them off with a shovel.


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