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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lookit this!!

I can't believe this is what it looks like now! For those of you who have forgotten the 'before' picture, please scroll down. Ten whole drawers of fabric are gone AND two dressers are in the garage awaiting the yard sale. In this picture you can see the extent of my denim collection, which will also be down-sizing over the next few months (I hope).
Even the cat is happy because now his 'pooter bowl' is tucked in the corner so he can have some privacy!!


  1. great work MA! You are an inspiration...

  2. Well done MA but I notied 2 empty baskets down the bottom--how come they don't have something in them?

  3. I meant to say noticed--not notied--another seniors moment.

  4. Anonymous11:10 PM

    I'm so impressed!

  5. now you have room for lots of new stuff :} Like the new blog look too !

  6. Hey MaryAnne! Just received the scraps in the mail today! I was surprised at how much you managed to stuff in that little box! Great stuff, and I'll definitely have a use for it all.

    If you ever have more to unload, you know where to send it! :p


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