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Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun putzing

I'm more or less between projects at the moment, so today has been a day for play and putzing about. Awhile ago Nellie Durand posted a tutorial to make these cute little birds and I've been saving the instructions for a rainy day (which it happens to be doing right now!). It's another case of using what I have in my stash so the legs & feet aren't quite what Nellie used, but they don't look too bad. I ended up having to weave fine wire in and around the joins in the feet and have also added a spot o' glue to hold them in position. All the same, my birdie takes a beak-dive every little while (guess he's been imbibing altogether too many rotten berries).
The tutorial can be found on Nellie's site here: Look in her sidebar under 'Labels' for the 'Birds' listing and you'll find it. And..while you're there, check out Nellie's Lake series!!! Thanks Nellie for the great tute.


  1. Love your rainy day project. Checked the link - impressive. Erm...... is this what you might call "being given the bird?"

  2. Sooooo cute!
    My friend who made these birds with me has come up with a solution to keep them standing. She has glued the birds feet to a rock, a shell, or piece of driftwood. I may be doing the same before I gift the ones I've made.

  3. Wonderful your bird. I too have done one.
    ciao ciao


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