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Monday, May 12, 2008


I want a housekeeper!!! However, on the good side, I have reduced my stash to fit into just 6 drawers as opposed to all these shown in the picture. On the bad side, see that pile on the floor and the worktable? What you can't see is that there are three garbage bags full of 'stuff' in behind the pile you CAN see!! It's just plain disgusting.
Stay tuned for 'after' pictures!


  1. Holy Moley MA you should get rid of it all so you can start collecting again.

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    I'm not sure a housekeeper could do it! You might need a backhoe?

    You could send me some more stuff, I'll pay the

  3. sounds like you should dispose of the extra dressers too so you can't re-fill them! or maybe every time something goes into a drawer something of equal size must come out... :-) I know I'm looking forward to the "new to me" scraps to play :-)))

  4. I'd lend you Fifi, but she never does anything here either.........
    burn it? :}

  5. hi maryanne, you could put some in clear bags and put them in your yard sale mark as fabric pieces for quilting. bags so much $$$$$ let me know when your yard sale is. i,ll pass it on.and somewhere there was a sewing machine in that picture.


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