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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blind-numbing & book page

These two pictures are of the page I made for the next round of the book challenge our CQTeers groups is doing. This page is for Kym. The front is from an old pattern for a pillowcase...the skirt is crocheted with tatting thread. I used good ol' crayons to colour the bodice and hat and then did some embroidery to highlight. The hair was pretty easy - I just wrapped pearl cotton around a metal knitting needle, dampened it, sprayed it with hair spray and then heat set it with my heat gun.
The back of the page is a scan of one of the birth cards I found the other day while I was cleaning out 'stuff'. I think these might just show up in a lot of my work for awhile!!
As for the blind-numbing part of this post, I finished the binding on the quilt but have to admit that blind stitch done on that much area quite simply numbs the mind!! It's one project I'm very happy to put behind me.

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  1. They're both so cute, but i REALLY like the sweetie--she's perfect!!!!!


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