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Friday, May 16, 2008

Mumble and TIF

Sorry about the no-post internet connection wasn't working properly. Here's the progress I've made on the TIF challenge piece for May. Click to enlarge so you can see it better. The seam treatment to the upper right of the centre ivory section is taken from Annie's Crazy World blog (whose addy I thought I had and can't find - googling it will find it for you I'm sure); the seam treatment between the light pink and hot pink on the right of the block is from Carole Sample's book (Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches) and I'm currently working on the lower left seam using a pattern from Pam Kellogg's 'Elegant Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments' e-book. This block isn't my choice of colours but what I like about this challenge is that Sharon is guiding me into combinations I would never try on my own.

- Sharon B has created a new site which is open to anyone interested in textiles. It very much puts me in mind of the format that they are using on Ravelry and I wonder if this will be as wildly successful. Anyway, more info can be found at So far it's looking pretty good.

- Susan Lenz has a bunch more atc's and postcards up for trade for the CyberFyber Exhibition. These are available only to those who didn't trade in the first round. From my experience it's well worth trading with her because her work is wonderful! Check out the following sites for more info: and and (her personal blog)

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  1. It's looking good MA--not my choice of colours either but it is a challenge and challenge it has been


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