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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Heaps and Piles!!

See this pile of fabric bits? Well, that's the castoffs from only the purple and the white drawers!! And that's not all either, because there's another pile of pieces that are just too big and are destined for the yard sale. 4 drawers are done and there's 11 more to go...sigh.

HOW can one woman manage to accumulate so much??!!


  1. Is it all cotton? If so I'd be happy to pay shipping and add it to my scraps :-)

  2. ooo what a pile to dig through and roll in and roll in and roll in :}

  3. I'd be happy to accept some of your poor cast-off scraps as well! I can always find room for more around here!

  4. hey, i would take a few things for my future quilt too! don't throw it away just yet. i'm very interested in purple, pink, brown and green drawers :))


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