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Friday, May 02, 2008


Isn't that a nice big word for a title? Isn't it better than just saying 'mumblings', because that's all I have for today! This display is above a cupboard in our cellarway and is a mixture of old and new. The clock, irons, and the accordion are all old. I know the clock probably works, but the key has been lost over the years. The picture is actually of us...taken when the kids were small...and Jack made the frame out of old barnboard. Most people think it's actually an antique picture. The two wooden goblets and the bear are all newish. The bear has actually been coated with scented wax which acts as a room freshener.

Further on the mumbling part of this post....
1. I covet the knitting needles available on this site: ( I will continue to covet them from afar because they are way expensive!!

2. Here's another interesting possibility for you: You can put in a list of ingredients and it will give you recipie ideas.

3. If you're into mixed media check out:

4. Here's another:

Have fun!!


  1. Love your family group picture and agree about the needles, enough to make you drool!

  2. Well, my family pic from that era is definitely an antique :}Hmm, not quite, 25 is classic, 50 is vintage, 100 is antique--close!


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