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Monday, April 28, 2008

TIF for April (Done!) and book cover

Three pictures today. I know, I'm getting carried away!!
Picture one is of my completed piece for April for the TIF challenge. I finished in time which was a surprise for me, but I'm glad. Now to see what the colours are for May!
The other two pictures show the cover for a round robin book the CQTeers group is doing. My theme is Coffee or Tea. This cover now will be passed on to another member of the group and they, in turn, will add a page to my book. The page size/shape is whatever the individual artist chooses, with the only 'rule' being that the margin (where it will be sewn together) be consistent with each page. Fabric, paper, or whatever each artist chooses to do is all good. Can't wait to see what it becomes!!
p.s. Yes, I know how to use paragraphs...and yes, I did use them. Can anyone explain why Blog-grrr decides to overlook that fact sometimes and allow them other times? V-e-r-y frusterating!!!


  1. What a wonderful inviting book that looks to be! Best of all, you can read it and still spill :}

  2. Lovely work on the quilt block. Your book cover looks like this is going to be a fun project.


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