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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have pictures. I actually accomplished something today but you can't see what I did because for some reason Blogger is being obtuse about posting pictures today.

Tomorrow is 'the day' when I will start the stencilling on my friends wall and I'm still not looking forward to the prospect. She assures me I was every bit as apprehensive the last time I did it, but I guess it must be like childbirth because I don't remember it. DH has promised he will help me with the measuring so that should make the whole chore go a little faster. I just have to remember to stay away from caffeine!!

It was a treat to go outside this coat! Of course we still have a huge pile of snow in the backyard, but everywhere else was warm. Even the little chipmunk was out today, getting his supply of peanuts stocked up after the long winter. My dad sits out by the garage and takes great delight in his little pet. We just wish the locals would keep their cats inside.


  1. good luck with the stenciling. Nice to have Jack's help. and then on to the fun stuff with CQteers!

  2. Hi MA
    Thanks for the chuckle...Blog-grrr!
    Ha...I guess I must luck out 'cause I have always managed to post pics without problems ... but sometimes I think Blogger is geriatric...'cause it doesn't remember me when I tell it to!

    Have fun stencilling!

  3. I've been having that problem lately too with blogger - have had to upload one photograph at a time. Pleased to hear its not just me :)
    The stencilling will be fine, your friend obviously has great faith in you so theres no need to worry.


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