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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Yes, today I suffered from all three. All that for this non-descript 'thing' you're seeing in the picture. What is it you ask? And why should it cause all that pain? 'It' is a case intended to hold a camera lens. #2 son purchased the lens but couldn't get a case to fit, so...good ol' Mom came through and made him one.
He wanted it semi-waterproof so enter the use of plastic, which is next to impossible to sew with. Darn stuff likes to shift and stick on the machine. Before you ask, yes I know to use paper under the seams. Once I got the design figured out - which would have been so much easier if I had the lens in hand - things went not too badly (other than the plastic issue).
However, all the injury to my person and my psyche came with putting the drawstring in. My arthritic hands are not meant to have to force a safety pin (actually it was 4 safety pins by the time I was done) through the casing in order to feed the cording through. What dummy me was it that thought making the outside shell from medium weight denim was a bright idea? Why don't they make safety pins that stay shut under duress? Why do said safety pins have such a burning desire to embed themselves in nice soft areas (like fingers) when you least expect it (hence the 'blood' part of this saga). The tears part came when stupid safety pin #2 managed to embed itself (to the bone, I might add) in the EXACT same spot as safety pin #1.
Mother love - isn't it wonderful?


  1. Oh lordie, these are the things that should elevate us to sainthood :}

  2. I too HATE drawstrings... I have learned to use a very long crochet hook and catch the safety pin with it and pull it through, but tis still a very fiddly job....

  3. Goodness gracious me MA you can make any story sound so interesting even poking fingers with safety pins--ever thought of writing a book.

  4. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Yah, Im soooo worth it. If you can pop me out of your "thing" then a pin in the finger is nothing!


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