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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More about Art-In-A-Carton

Referring back to yesterday's post, does anyone want to join me in doing three (only three) art cartons? I'm looking for one more person to swap with me!

The basic idea is that I decorate a 1L carton (the type that milk comes in) and fill it with three of my creations (can be things like atcs, postcards, little art dolls, or whatever strikes your fancy) and send it to you. You, in turn, send one of yours to me; one to the person whose name will be included in my carton; and the final one to someone who agrees to the exchange. That's about as simply put as I can get it and I hope you can figure it out. The contents of the cartons can be pretty much whatever you like, as long as you include three small pieces of your art (whatever that may be). If you choose to add more things, that's entirely up to you. As you can see from yesterday's picture, Donna included more than was required in the rules (thank you again Donna!).

If you're interested, the first one to leave a comment here will get a carton of goodies from me and you're on your way!! Lots of fun!

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