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Friday, April 11, 2008

Cutting stencils

I've been commissioned to stencil a piece of music & flowers on a friend's wall and this is the beginning of cutting the stencils. It's yet another 'owie' on my fingers, but it has to be done. The original idea/pattern came from a book called 'Stencilling - A Harrowsmith Guide' by Sandra Buckingham.

This is the second time I will have done this particular piece of artwork, for the same person! I originally painted it over ten years ago. They have re-painted their walls in a different colour and have requested that I re-do the art because they liked it so much. I'm scared skinny that I will muck it up and I know I was equally as scared last time around. Nice to know that nothing changes!


  1. no need to worry -- you'll do great. Worst case more paint is bought, and a little more time is used :-)

  2. Hey! I have that book! Was thinking to try stencilling at one time...but never got around to it. I think I started embossing instead...which is similar but without paint!


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