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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bad, bad, bad!!

Just look at what I've done. In the past two days I've purchased all of these. Why, oh why do I allow myself to even enter a bookstore? I've got quite enough books and magazines in my studio now and I really, really don't need any more. Get thee behind me, Satan.
In my defence...ahem....I have all of Yarn Harlot's books and just couldn't not have the newest one too. After all, it would ruin my complete set if I didn't get it. The 'Studios' issue from Cloth,Paper, Scissors is necessary to help me organize my studio....right? Ummm....A Needle Pulling Thread is a newish Canadian magazine and a) I should support Canadian magazines and b) it has a good article on stumpwork which I've been meaning to learn to do. So, that was a necessary purchase...right?
As for the Somerset Life? I plead insanity.
I rest my case.


  1. I blame genetics!! My whole faimily are genetically incapable of passing a bookshop without going in. My niece and nephew have got books and they can't even read yet! The books look very interesting, and there are worse things to spend your hard earned money on, enjoy.

  2. hi maryanne, i,m in the same vote mine are not craft things but i just bought womens world and birds and bloom i always get them no matter what.even dad reads it,s not a losing battle. have a nice day.

  3. Not Bad bad bad--Is Good good good.
    and I agree with your reasoning--but that is not surprising really as we both enjoy the same stuff.


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