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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

TIF auditions

Oops...I think I loaded these pictures backwards so they'll come up in the wrong order. Anyhoo....the pile of fabrics on the floor shows one of the two drawers of green-ish fabrics which I was auditioning for the Take It Further challenge. Sometimes I just paw through the drawer and other times I dump it all out and attempt to put it back into some semblance of order (until the next time I paw through it!!).
The other picture shows the bare block I came up with. Unfortunately my camera didn't come up with the exact colours. The flower is a cigarette silk which is partially my inspiration, with the rest coming from the colour challenge SharonB issued for TIF. I decided to concentrate my efforts this year on making a 9" block each month trying very hard to use Sharons colour choices, but within the confines of the cigarette silks I have AND my existing stash. It might be a tall order, but we'll see. I hope to not spend any money on this - not because the challenge isn't worthy, but I really, really need to reduce my collection of 'stuff' and this is a good challenge to do so.
My friend Jan gifted me with a number of the cigarette silks which will be used in this project and I also have re-sized nine round robin pieces so they will be utilized too. It's ideal for the RR pieces because I've been wondering what I could possibly do with them.
As always, thanks Sharon for such an inspiring challenge!!


  1. I love the block MA now for the hard work

  2. what are cigarette silks?

  3. Very pretty block ! I love the cigarette silk.


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