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Friday, January 25, 2008

January TIF - Done!

Well, here it is - the first of the Take It Further Challenges is done. I had fun doing this, and tried very hard to stay within the colour palette, but it took a turn towards something else - despite my best efforts to the contrary! I'm happy with it anyway, and hope Sharon will forgive me for straying.

You can click on the picture to bring it up larger. Feel free to leave a comment!


  1. Yep it's done and a darn good job at that.

  2. Veeeeeeeeerrrrrry elegant! What a beautiful thing of art you will have when all the blocks are together! Or purse? Like the long green beads in the long pearl section--and the long pearls too :}

  3. This is beautiful. The embroidery is great and I don't think you could have respected the palette more.

  4. Beautiful! I am strayed a bit colour-wise too!!

  5. I think that it is beautiful. the colors just seem to fit together. I don't think SharonB will mind if our muse leads us astray. I think it important that our muse shows up.


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