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Monday, January 07, 2008 asked for it!

Arlee has issued a challenge that we show pictures of our studios, so here is part I of mine (part II will follow tomorrow). I know I've shown it before, but it was awhile ago and I have a number of new readers who might be willing to be grossed out. Besides, a challenge is a challenge!
The first picture (if Blogger behaves) starts to the right of my entrance door. My studio is in the basement and has no windows. I rely on daylight flourescent lighting. One of my dolls sits atop a dresser which holds my fabric 'bits' - in this case two drawers of whites, two of purples and one of greens. There's a Christmas can on top - empty - but was full of homemade cookies.
The next picture shows a dresser stacked on another one, again holding fabric bits (blues, blacks, browns, yellows). To the left in the picture you can see another of my dolls sitting on top of a three-drawer plastic container which holds my wool (2 drawers) and my trims. You can just see a wooden box on the top of the chest near the ceiling, which holds my gr gr grandfathers diaries dating from about 1820. To the extreme left you can just see the side of my storage shelf which holds all my supply of denim, with Cosmo's bed on top. In front of the picture you can see my cutting table and below the table is a large wooden box which holds all my teddy bear making supplies. The drawer in the cutting table holds my smaller cutting mats, rotary cutter, rulers and instruction manuals for my sewing machines.
The last picture for today shows the door which enters into our root cellar (with the cat litter box in front...oops...didn't mean to show that!!).
Next is a further corner of my cutting table and the rest of the cabinet that holds the denim. The cabinet on the left holds my beads, knitting and crochet needles/hooks. Cat food on top, to keep the dog out of it! Above that is an old x-ray light which was a cast-off from the hospital (works great as a light box!). The wire 'thing' on the wall beside the door is supposed to hold my iron when it's not in use. Yep, it is! Below that is another cabinet that holds a whole bunch of supplies, a drawer of 'sticky stuff' like tape and such, a drawer of sewing supplies that don't seem to fit anywhere else, and various and assorted other semi-useful-but-mostly-useless things. Above, you can see another of the dolls. You can just see the corner of my worktable to the left in the picture.
Whew. Are you tired of exploring yet? More to come tomorrow.....


  1. OOOO love the colours! And you're so neat. Hmmph. Mess it up.
    This is the first time i've had a space where the catbox wasn't!

  2. Looks like a great place to work! Neatness/messiness doesn't count. The work that comes out is all that matters!

  3. love that green MA--I'm in the middle of cleaning and culling at present-show the results later.

  4. I feel a bit intimidated MA by your neatness. When I see people who work like this, I get very envious because it must be nice to have order like that! My daughter (a Virgo) would thoroughly approve.

  5. Midge---*i'm* a Virgo :}


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