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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Of embellishing and eating

Two pictures today! The first is of the gift basket of goodies we received from Son#1 and his fiance. He is a chef, currently working with a catering firm and this is a complete selection of the nummies they are starting to bottle and sell. We get to have a taste of everything! There's soups, dips, cookies, salad dressings and all sorts of things for us to test out. Not that we need any more food after over-indulging over the holidays, but have to admit I can't wait to try these out. Right now he's upstairs preparing our supper for us and it smells heavenly.
The second picture is my first attempt at using an embellishing machine. My friend Irene has one and we were allowed to play with it yesterday. What a neat tool!! I can see all sorts of uses for it. I especially like what it does with strips of silk and organza ribbons. The face you see here is an experiment we did using Angelina fibres, a rubber stamp, and the iron (several months ago) which I just happened to have with me. I just used the embellisher around the edges of the face and I love the result. In hindsight it would have been fun to pad the face somewhat (almost like trapunto), just to see what the effect would be. All in all, a fun machine to play with, altho one wouldn't want to have fingers anywhere near those sharp barbed needles!!!


  1. love the face you created, and its perfect on this sort of collage :-)

  2. I hope you haven't eaten all that stuff MA I was coming to visit later?
    Are you going to get an embellisher now?
    Love what you did.

  3. What is an embellishing machine? from one who is ignorant.

    Susan in Spokane


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