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Monday, January 14, 2008

$3000??? I think not!!!

Warning: Mumble (and bitch) ahead. Take appropriate precautions.

We both had dentist appointments today. After sixteen xrays (yeah, 16 - you read it right) AND a lot of poking and mumbling all sorts of numbers (pretty sure it's not a dental office - more like some sort of voodoo cult) I was informed that I need three crowns. Nice, I thought - until I realized they weren't meaning the type that Queen Elizabeth wears. Ummm...and just how much might that be? Pretty close to a thousand dollars per tooth. I rapidly informed them that if it wasn't broke it didn't need to be fixed. Of course they gravely assured me that should a breakage occur that it would be sure to cost more. Life is a crap shoot anyway, so I'll take my chances. Three months ago we had what I thought was a pretty major cleaning so I assumed that would be the end for at least a year. NOT ! We have to go back next month for yet another cleaning. I really can't understand how these people get their jollies out of peering into my mouth and poking all sorts of instruments of torture in there.

Just to add insult to injury, my glasses are falling apart and we both have eye doctor appointments on Friday. Anybody want to hazard a guess as to how much THAT is going to cost? My current glasses were nearly $700 about 3 years ago, so I shudder to think. If the truth were known, I probably hate going to the eye doctor even more than the dentist. I thoroughly dread that stupid little thing they do where they ask 'is it better like this? - or like this?" Darned if I know! It all looks the same to me. After I ask them to repeat it a dozen times, they tend to get a little testy with me. Bah. When I had contacts I was one of the rare people who could not switch back & forth between them and glasses. My eyes simply would not make the adjustment, so I expect it's what happens when they do that flippin (pun intended) test.

Oh boy, this is turning out to be a wonderful week!


  1. While I'm not keen on the optometrist, I don't rate her below my dentist :-) As a young child I hated getting new shoes more than the dentist... They always pinched, and I was never allowed to have anything I liked -- only those yukky lace up oxfords.

  2. Unfortunately, my body isn't getting any younger, LOL, so I have a love/hate relationship with both dental specialist and optometrist. I know it is expensive and uncomfortable, but I'd really recommend you keep on top of the teeth problems. I had to spend over $8000 AUD 10 years ago (imagine the inflation price now!) for braces and orthodontics and then 2 partial dentures to stablize my jaw because I let the back teeth deteriorate so much and lost all but my wisdom teeth. Perhaps they'd let you pay them off like I did with my braces and splints, which I got when I was 42 and had to wear for 18 months!! Good luck,
    Christine in overcast Sydney Australia.

  3. Gee MA you really are in a mood today.
    Don't you realise that it's people like you who keep the dentists and optometrists in the fancy houses and flashy cars.
    Just kidding-they really are a pain in the wallet aren't they.
    By the way -how's your hearing?

  4. Bummer babe. I had a couple of crowns to be done last year. Chose to do one after the tooth broke while chewing toast of all things. So very expensive, think it was around $800. I just don't chew on the side with the other tooth that hasn't been fixed yet. I'd rather spend the money on craft stuff wouldn't you?

  5. Oh's only money. What is that expression? Don't get your knickers in a twist....*S*

    Create something and take your mind off the whole thing.

  6. Oh Dear! No joke intended. How I understand you. I hate my dentist too, for he does not make his job properly.
    Just like Doreen, I was going to ask about your hearing. I know that I will have an hearing aid someday.
    We could certainly find a way to make something creative about our getting older.


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