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Monday, January 28, 2008

And another..... and 'L'

This is another of my favourites which will be going into my quilt. Love the crocheted maple leaf and the lady outline on this one.

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about my Alphabet project...nope! Well, to be honest, I guess maybe I did for a little while but it's b-a-c-k and this time I'll finish it up. Now, if I could just find where I wrote down why I was doing this in the first place!!

Anyway....the letter 'L'

- Lion Brand Yarn, of course. They have one of the most comprehensive libraries of free knitting patterns that I've ever seen on the internet.

- never fails to interest me.

- is another interesting site (I also have her listed as so if the first link doesn't work, try the second one)

- and LOVE, which is the best L word of all!!

Totally unrelated to either of the above topics, but things you might find interesting:
- The latest CQMag is up online at It's another fantastic resource with all sorts of articles on needlework ...and free!!

- And, just for fun, do you happen to know the definition of the word 'Purfler'? If you don't (and everybody should) here it is: 'to ornament with all sorts of fancy needlework; to decorate richly' Now there, doesn't that make your day better?


  1. I'm a Purfler, you're a Purfler, we're all Purflers. "Yes, my mother's side was the Purflers, you know, the Purflers of Philabostonlondoaottawa"

  2. What I want to know is where do you buy the nice white thread just below the maple leaf because I need some------seriously MA I am enjoying seeing these blocks and I will put my hand up for being a Purfler as well.


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