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Thursday, January 03, 2008

An Embellisher question...

To answer Susan's question from the comments (I'm answering here in case others don't know)....the embellishing machine we were using is one made by Janome although I'm sure there are other types available.

It's works in a similar manner to a sewing machine, but there are no threads or bobbins involved (which I found quite odd). Instead of the normal sewing machine needle, the machine uses (at least in this case) a four-pronged needle that has tiny little barbs on the surface. The example I did has a felt backing and over that bits of yarn, ribbon, silk fabric and of course, the Angelina fibre face I had done previously.

The machine works just like a sewing machine with the barbed needles poking minute bits of the top (ie the silk) fabrics through the felt, which in turn adheres them to the felt. Does that make sense? I admit I'm not good at describing things without being able to talk with my hands!!

Anyway, if you do a Google search on 'needle felting' I'm sure you will turn up lots of information much better than what I've provided here.

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  1. Well that sounds very cool. I might need one of those.


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