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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Studio - Part II

OK folks, here's part II of the studio pictures. The first one shows most of my working area. My table is a recycled door mounted on metal legs from the hardware store. You can see one of my two sewing machines. In front of it is a pile of fabrics I was auditioning for the Take It Further challenge (which have now been turned into a CQ will follow another day). Above the table is a shelf which holds a number of treasures/things. If you enlarge the picture you can see the cute knitted gnome that Kym made me for Christmas. To the right of that is the rusty-fabric box I made several months ago. There's an altered picture/frame that was also made by Kym to the right of the rusty 'box'. I even keep a roll of toilet paper up there for little wipe-ups (because I am NOT a neat worker and tend to slop glue and paint a lot).
The next picture shows my storage corner for more stuff. The red multi-drawer thing on the shelf holds things like my sewing machine needles, safety pins, and even a set of little screwdrivers because I can NEVER find one when I need it! Below that is a little corner shelf unit which isn't the least bit organized. However it mainly holds things like my pincushions, a container of scissors of varying sizes and uses, baby wipes, and some assorted plastic containers which I use for messy jobs like mixing paint. You can also see both of my thread holders with a 3" strip of painted-to-match-the-room cork below where I hang things like the calendar and various notes to myself. Oh yes...and the proverbial mug of either coffee or green tea is on the table too.
There is another doorway to the left of the thread holders and before you come to the bookshelf area in the next picture. The doorway leads into the furnace room/extra studio storage room which is more of a dungeon. I might manage to take some pictures in there, but not sure they will be fit to show anyone!! The bookshelf holds all my embroidery,knitting, altered art, crocheting, doll-making, and sewing books. You can also see a corner of the computer area. My desk is an antique oak one, which I just love, however...I really have to be careful when I'm settling in to work because there's a very small area to put your knees and I tend to whack them pretty regularly.
Next can see another 3 drawer cabinet which holds my papers and such for altered art and one drawer holds fabrics, etc. for doll-making. Above that is another cupboard (only about 4" deep) which holds my glues, some paints, and various potions that are liquid. Some Altoid tins waiting to be line...a mini old soldering iron...a third hand....just stuff!! To the left in the picture is the dehumidifier with my paper shredder on top.
Final another shelving unit which basically holds my threads, ribbons, glue guns, rubber stamps, my other sewing machine is on the bottom shelf and there's still a largish bag of fabrics I was using for linings in the totes I made before Christmas on the bottom too. The cats scratching post is there, along with a few rolls of Christmas wrap that haven't made it to the storage closet yet. To the left of the shelving unit is the door where you started the tour. Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming tomorrow....


  1. I think you take the prize for neatness so far.....*S*

    We all do have those Altoid tins sitting around, don't we? And lately, I've amassed a couple hundred beer bottle caps to start doing some resin projects.

    Thx for the tour. It's very colorful and pretty in your studio.

  2. hi maryanne, thanks for the tour, i like your dolls you have on the cabinets.special the blue one looks like a mermaid with the blue near it. i wish i had some craft smarts to do somethings like you. bye kathy


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