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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Take A Stitch Tuesdays!

I have been meaning to tell you about something that's going on in the stitching world and if you're interested in furthering your skills, you might want to check this out. SharonB of inaminuteago is starting a new challenge/teaching the first Tuesday in January called 'Take A Stitch Tuesdays' which will be running for 2007. Each week Sharon will be posting a different embroidery stitch and several variations of that stitch. Participants are encouranged to try the stitch and the variations, plus try some variations of their own. The results are then used as a sampler, a journal, or basically however you desire. If you are interested further details are here: I have signed up and hope to create a journal of reference stitches with mine.

I love the art of embroidery, mostly because it is done by hand. I know there are embroidery machines out there that create beautiful designs, but to me, hand work is the best. I am a collector of embroidery books and I think I will thoroughly enjoy Sharon's challenge. How about you?

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  1. thanks for helping to spread the word about the challenge- I appreciate it - I think it will be fun


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