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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Decorating frenzy

The house is decorated for Christmas (pictures will follow at some point). It's done...hooray! What a huge chore and this is after we got rid of five boxes of stuff we don't use anymore. Before you ask, they were big boxes too! There's another box ready to go after today. Do you think maybe we have too many ornaments?
The pictures today are of my latest project I'm doing. The blue paper doll is one I did last month for the CQTeers challenge and the other is one I'm starting for a swap I'm in. My blue one has one shoe. Think Cosmo ate the other one. Rotten cat. The second doll is already painted in Twinkling H2O's and has her head ready to put in the bottle cap. I haven't decided on the clothing color yet, so her 'underwear' isn't painted. Maybe tomorrow sometime, but there is a lot going on and I'm not at all sure that there will be any time to craft.

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  1. Maybe Cosmo's been hangin out with Pudgy, lol.


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