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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

463, and counting

Yep. I'm sure it's 463*. Or is it 464? Or 465? All I know is I hate wrapping presents and I'm sure that's how many I've wrapped today. What's worse is that I'm not done!!! To be fair, there's only two left, which isn't too bad.
The picture today is of the forest next door (sorry about the dark photo, but there's never any sunshine when you need it). Imagine if you can, eighteen trees, all nearly 50 ft. tall. All poised to come crashing down like bowling pins at some point in the not-too-distant future. Well, they're crashing down design. We're not sure if we should be sad or glad. We certainly won't miss the mess they leave after every wind storm or rain, or snow. We won't miss the roots taking the good out of the soil in our garden. We will miss the shade and the lovely sound they make when it's windy (but not TOO windy). Half of them are gone already and we think we're living in a whole 'nother neighbourhood!
*For those that think we're wealthy and go totally overboard, the above number is very much exageratted. It was really only 462.

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