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Monday, December 11, 2006

Just a movin' along

Today the picture is the finished paper doll. Sorry about the quality, but I ended up having to scan her rather than take a picture. Of course the camera needs to be recharged! I just hope my swap-mate likes these colors. If she doesn't, it's too late now. For anyone wondering...her face is glued into a bottle cap, her arms are wrapped with bits of wool (as is her hair). Her wings are made from a used dryer sheet dry brushed with paint.
We managed to get all the Christmas cards done yesterday and I finished making the last gift. Too tired to celebrate though. Now I have to get busy and get things wrapped because everything is piled on #2 son's bed and he tells us he's coming home for the weekend. I hope I don't have to resort to just moving it all from #2's bed to #1's!
Today was one of those days where there are too many things going on and it's hard to spread yourself around. I could have oinked out at two separate Christmas luncheons, but finally chose one. After a very excellent meal, I walked up to the other meeting. I must admit I'm liking not having to be 'responsible' for anything at the quilt guild and can just go and enjoy the meetings.

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